Saturday Show & Tell

Happy Saturday (and Happy February)! This week I aquafitted, zumba-d, and managed a small run. I also made cupcakes and mini cheesecakes so it evens out. I also had a car so I did errands like giving away 3 HUGE bags of clothes and shoes! Hopefully someone else will find joy in them.

On to the links!

I want to write more letters. And if I had this embosser I think I just might! SWOON!

Amy included this in her round up last week. I love love love the Danish idea of Hygge. This is how I want to live my life. Also I clearly have to head to Denmark next time I'm in Europe!!

Two of my favourite things together at last! Pride & Prejudice cartoon.

30 Rock is ending (boo) but you can still be insulted by Jack any old time!

Flip book Gangnam Style. How is this a thing?

Twinsies! But actually they are strangers! YIPES!

I truly believe that the little things are the best things. Here's a list of underrated things!

Anything awesome that you know about?


geetabix said…
Love these links. And the ones Amy posted too ... now I have to follow her blog. Whoever gets your clothes is LUCKY.

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