A few days ago Sal from Already Pretty was asking if sequins were only for evening wear. My response? NOPE! Wear them all the time!

jan 31 2013

I got this top for $10 so I've been wearing it like mad.

shirt: Joe
cardigan: Smart Set
Jeans: Gap
boots: Ayla

Today I am thankful that I remembered to throw on this cardigan before going to trivia. It's always chilly due to people opening to door to go outside for a smoke. If it's -42 degrees it's definitely time to quit... in my non-smokery opinion. 


Style Journey said…
Right on! Sequins can definitely be worn for day. Love the gold and plum color combo.
Shybiker said…
So cute! There's no limit on glam and sequins add pop to every outfit. You look great here.
Cara said…
Glam! Every day needs some sparkle!
Laura Go said…
heck yes! Glitter is for anytime anywhere! you look amazing!
♥ laura
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Lyosha said…
PARTY! great outfit! I totally made me feel Friday

Inside and Outside Blog
P.S> following you now
geetabix said…
Ooh, love the out-on-the-town look!

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