Lacing a crown

I know that skinny jeans are a thing. They have been for a while. I even bought a skinny-ish pair a couple of year ago. But I bit the bullet and got a proper skinny pair, the kind that even my ankles know about.

feb 1 2013

I also got this shiny top from the sale section. I think I'm super into gold at the moment. Maybe it makes me feel wealthy when clearly my savings account is dwindling more day by day (oh job that I want and that wants me, where are you??).

top: Ricki's sale
thermal: Walmart
blazer: Ricki's
jeans: Cleo
boots: Bull Boxer

Also here's a thought: If you are designing boots, and they have a lining, you would think that you might consider that these boots very possibly might be taken out in snow and ice. Right? You might want to consider putting some sort of grip on them. Seriously my ab muscles are getting such a work out from tensing up when almost falling over. Silver lining? 

Today I am so thankful for my auntie and uncle lending me their car whilst they were away. I felt like a real person. I was able to do errands. I was able to pick the Gentleman Caller up for once. I could shop for groceries any time I wanted. I cannot tell you how isolating it is to not have a job or anyone to talk to, not be able to go anywhere and not even be able to leave the house for a walk because it's far too cold. Thank you thank you!!!


FutureLint said…
The gold really brings out your hair color! I feel like skinny jeans have been a thing forever but I still only own 1 pair!
Kirstin Marie said…
I'm a sucker for golden yellow every time - and this outfit literally had me gasping with excitement - haha! You look amazing. I love it.
LyddieGal said…
I really hope you are able to find a job soon! It's got to be hard especially if it has to be within walking distance.

Love the yellow top - I've been into yellow lately as well.
Chic on the Cheap
Laura Go said…
Crossing my fingers that you get a job soon, Danielle! :)

And I love that gold on you! It looks awesome with your hair.
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
the shop of worldly delights
Cara said…
Love love love love love that shirt. Love it. My in-laws have a gift card for me for my birthday that I finally get this weekend, and while I've already mentally spent it at Ikea, or Le Chateau, seeing this shirt makes me hope its a gift card from Rickis!
Thick Threads said…
cool outfit! love the top and the jeans :) you look pretty :)

glad you got to borrow your aunt and uncles car to get some stuff done! :)hope it gets warmer soon!

geetabix said…
That shirt looks so good with your hair colour! And the jeans look like they were made for you! (I've still never worn skinny jeans but seeing you in them is getting me a step closer.)

I also hear you on the "winter gear" that cannot stand up to snow, ice or deep cold. Some "parkas" seem to be made for winter in Texas, not the Canadian prairies.

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