Saturday Show & Tell

Hey pals. How was your week?

I caught the family illness and spent a day watching Sherlock on Netflix (so great!). I also did some testing and an interview for a job. So I guess we'll see. And I even managed to shovel the driveway once. What a fascinating life I lead.

Here's what's neat-o:

This article about spending more on little things when you have a job than you would whilst backpacking is pretty interesting. When you have more, you spend more but aren't really much happier at all.

Normal, everyday people are so interesting. We all have a story. What is yours?

I'm a fan of toilets. Especially after being terrified of and then conquering the Asian squat toilet. But Korea loves them so much it has a toilet themed park!

How pretty are these balloon lights?

These book sculptures are INCREDIBLE!!!

You know how you had to act like a grownup at the dinner table? Not any more! Swing chairs!!

What do you know? Share share!


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