Freedom south of the ankle

The first day back after a long weekend is always a tricky one. Bright pink makes a -38 C day a little bit brighter.

feb 19 2013

I had planned to walk the hour home from work this week but it was far too cold. Luckily I have a father-shaped chauffeur for those frigid days.

cardigan: Ricki's
top: Joe Fresh
skirt: Next, embroidered by me
tights: Ricki's
shoes: Red or Dead from London

The quality of these photos is less than stellar. That's what happens when you're too invested in changing into warm yoga pants upon arrival home.

Today I am thankful for all my shoes! It's so nice to be home and have access to things other than flip flops. 


Style Journey said…
Hot pink is always good to start your week off. Love the shoes and tights!
geetabix said…
I love the embroidered skirt.
Megan Mae said…
Fabulous shoes!! I don't know what the conversion to F is off the top of my head, but anything in the minus is going to be too cold for me to even consider a skirt. Hope you got warm quickly!
LyddieGal said…
Yikes! that is far too cold. Glad you got a ride, and got to wear those fun lace tights and red pumps!
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