Christmas in Thailand

Christmas is always a time that I love spending with my family. I love that cold nose and warm heart-iness. I love the lead up with the lights and the carols. 

Last year we spent it with friends and their families. This year the Gentleman Caller and I were on our own. In Thailand. 

Christmas Eve
We had booked our hotel a few weeks before because it seemed like all the hotels in our limited price range were getting full fast. Since we were on Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand we thought we'd cross the mainland and spend some time on the Andaman Sea side, starting with Phuket.  

Christmas Day
Sadly that plan did not pan out. Our proposed next destination, Koh Phi Phi, was outrageously expensive. So we spent 12 hours on various buses and ferries on Christmas Eve to get to Phuket. 

Christmas Day

We spent a lovely Christmas day on the beach, buying some bits and bobs, and getting the best massage ever. 

On the way to Christmas dinner
It wasn't anything like Christmas should be. It was nice but not Christmasy. In fact our Christmas dinner was a bit disappointing. The Gentleman had a ham and cheese sandwich and I had a plate of noodles.  Then on Boxing Day we got back on those various buses and ferries, crossed back the way we came and 13.5 hours later we were back on Koh Phangan and so happy to be there. 

For more Christmas photos pop on by to Mind the Ramp.


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