The Million Dollar View

 After being ill for what felt like FOREVER and the insanity and no-sleep that was Bangkok (not from partying either, from really bad karaoke that went from 10pm-5am right outside the window and 'sleeping' on rock hard beds), it was a pleasure to go to Koh Chang, Thailand. 

The advert for our hotel (Cliff Cottage) specifically said that if you wanted to dance the night away to loud music this was not the place for you. Sold! 

Our bungalow was very basic with cobbled together walls and a thatched roof. It was exactly what I wanted. It was so so so perfect. It was up a hill so every journey to the bungalow was a bit of exercise. We were at the far end so our view wasn't interrupted by other huts. Lucky us!

The view from our mini-deck was perfect. All we could see was the sea, the sunset and sometimes MONKEYS!!! Romantic beyond all sense. 

This little monkey wandered right past me while I was reading. He climbed the tree right in front of me and started eating like it was no big deal. Let me tell you, it was a huge deal. I had to whisper-scream to the Gentleman Caller to come and see. Magical experience. 

We literally spent 2 whole days in these hammocks. Reading, watching the sea, dozing. It was so perfect. So relaxing. So needed. I have fallen in love with hammocks all over again. 

And when we got hungry we'd move over to a table and eat the best curry and pad thai. And drink an amazing orange crushed ice drink. For $1 and many sounds of ice being smashed, it was the most refreshing thing. 

I'm sure there's lots to do in Bang Bao on Koh Chang. We just didn't do it. We did walk along this walkway to look back on our hotel and out to sea. Reading, talking, hammocking, and playing Scrabble was all we wanted to do. Perfection. 

I am so thankful that the Gentleman Caller found this place. It was quiet, had delicious food, was totally relaxing and was extremely affordable. Sometimes it's nice to have adventure. Others it's nice to just watch the tide roll in. And be in love with life. 


Style Journey said…
Now that sounds like my kind of vacation! Not sure about the monkey, but other than that, yes!
LyddieGal said…
that sounds really wonderful, You had such exciting travels! And those hammocks? I don't know how you ever gave it up.
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