Hammocks & Muay Thai

We spent Boxing Day trekking across Thailand for 12 hours to get back to Koh Phangan. Our new resort had so many hammocks! 

I spent a lot of time reading on the hammock by the beach and nodding off on the hammock hanging outside the door of our bungalow. Perfect. 

We walked from town back to our hotel along the beach at sunset. How perfectly romantic. 

The Gentleman Caller and I have been talking about taking Muay Thai for years. We were lucky enough that there was a boxing match while we were there. It was so exciting to go to something that clearly not meant  entirely for tourists. There were more locals there than travellers and the only thing the announcer said in English was "Boxing Boxing Boxing!". 

There are small training gyms all over the island so it was nice to see what they are working toward. The boxers keep time by a very strange, almost bagpipe-y music. When watching on TV the music is very annoying but in person it makes sense and is exciting because as the round carries on, the music gets faster to spur on the boxers. 

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