Kicking winter to the curb

This is an outfit that I wear a lot. I'm pretty sure that some variation of this was the very first outfit that I ever posted. I guess that just means that I'm still wearing those items. Actually, I bought this skirt in 2005!

feb 13 2013

It is my goal only to buy things that I absolutely love and make me want to dance. That way I can get full wear and use out of the money that I'm spending.

top: H&M
skirt: Smart Set
belt: H&M
tights: Ricki's
shoes: Hush Puppies

Today I am thankful that it has warmed up every so slightly. I know that it's not really spring but it feel like it. I must remember not to get too excited about the thaw since it won't last. But it is coming closer every day... 


Chelsea said…
I love your clothes purchasing philosophy! Also this outfit is gorgeous and I'd wear every last bit of it. Hope it continues to warm up over there :)

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