Life Dream: Become Lara Croft

After a day and a half recovering from our 1 hour outing to Angkor Wat and battling foreign illness with Evian water (did you know that not all bottled water tastes the same? Especially in Cambodia where many tasted milky, chalky or just a bit gritty!), we ventured back out to some ancient temples.  

This is the look you have when you've been waiting in line forever for the perfect photo op and someone who doesn't believe in lines snakes in front of you. Other option: cry. 

We took a tuk-tuk to Ta Promh, where Lara Croft was wondering around be badass and awesome. That may or may not be why I had my hair in a braid. 

This temple is really beautiful because it's the combination of amazing architecture and the majesty of nature. The trees have grown up and over the buildings. Now after hundreds of years they are kind of the only thing that is keeping the buildings standing up.

It was pretty magical. And because of all the shade, not quite so hot. This meant that we in our sicky state lasted 1 and a half hours. Success! And then we had to go have another lie down at the hotel. 

Even though I wasn't able to make the experience of the temples at Angkor Wat what I wanted them to be due to pure exhaustion, I'm so happy we went. It was a lifetime dream come true and I'm so grateful for that. 

For more photos of trees taking over, pop on over to Mind the Ramp!


Style Journey said…
How awesome! I am always in awe of these gorgeous photos.

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