Hero in disguise

I had Friday off and again on Monday!

mar 22 2013

The Gentleman Caller and I decided to go on a mini roadtrip. It was snowy and blowy and questionable if we'd be able to go. But the roads were opened and conditions were ice and drifting snow and we made it!

We had such a good weekend. We didn't do much except eat delicious things and chill out and laugh. Perfect.

blazer: Ricki's
tops: Smart Set
belt: Silpada
jeans: Cleo
boots: Bullboxer

I also stopped by Sephora and had a fabulous experience! I knew that I wanted to get some Benefit products and, amazingly, it was Benefit Day! I asked some questions and tried some products with help from a Benefit rep who really knew what she was talking about. She was so positive and helpful. And I got a bunch of free goodies too! Bargain!

I bought Benefit Fake Up and Fine One One as well as the Urban Decay spray. The rest was bonus!

New products on the way to dinner!

Today I am thankful for people who really seem to love what they are doing and whose enthusiasm is contagious. LOVE IT!


Cara said…
Love love love love love that look - pulled together with edge!
Cait said…
Yay for long weekends and deals on beauty products! Glad you had safe travels despite the weather and my gosh those boots are just too perfect!

- Caitlin

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