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So let's talk about trends for a second. They make me uncomfortable. I don't really buy into them. Or, I mean, I do but not until they've been around for a while. I think that it takes me that long to figure out if I like it, if I can make it work on my bod, if it's worthwhile.

Mar 25 2013 2

The coloured jeans thing? It looks great on other people. I swoon especially over red jeans. But I don't really wear pants that much. 'Cause I usually wear dresses not that I'm like Donald Duck (aka nudie on the bottom).

But today I was shopping for leggings really. And then I found a dress for a wedding. And then I found these pants for $15! What a deal! I'm willing to try a trend for that much moneys... even when the pants are a smidge too big.

cardi, top, pants: Ricki's
shoes: Red or Dead

So what do you think? Are they me? I'm unsold... but I do love colour!

Today I'm thankful for sales. I like being cheap.


Cara said…
I like them -- partly because they are the same colour as a pair i have and I need help styling them! Bright pink, eh? I like it! I'll do it!
I can't remember - have you any skills with a sewing machine? I found a good tutorial once upon a time on taking in jeans that I now use on every single pair of skinny jeans that come into my life. I find skinny jeans are such a horrible beast to fit, so I just take it into my own hands!

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