Today I walked home from work and did my grocery shop on the way.

feb 27 2013

It was so nice to be able to be out and about but I did have to dress for it.

hat: H&M
scarf: ?
coat: Noa Noa, London
pants: Lulu Lemon
boots: Naturalista

dress: Joe
cardigan: Ricki's
shoes: Camper
necklace: gift, Spain

Today I am thankful for the ability to walk. Really, my life would be so different without the ability to easily get around even in the slush and snow. 


Megan Mae said…
Love your sweet shoes! I hate that I have to drive (er, ride) pretty much everywhere.
Cara said…
No kidding about the walking! I was talking to my athletic therapist/cousin today about the progress we're making on my knee/hip issues, and she mentioned she can't even walk up stairs without being in agonizing pain. This slush is destroying her knees!
But... I will take slushy snow after a blizzard over freezing temperatures!

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