For the love of dots!

EDOs are a fabulous perk of working a not-entirely-inspiring government job.

feb 26 2013

But the day after the EDO, when you come back to an full inbox and many demands on your time? Less fun.

cardigan: Ricki's
top: Ricki's
skirt: Smart Set
leggings: Joe
boots: Steve Madden

A new skirt, nearly falling in the snow and making feel better cookies helps. 

Today I'm thankful for cosy evenings that help you to forget the grumpiness of the day. 


Style Journey said…
The last photo is adorable! I love your black and white outfit. B&W outfits always look so classy. Heather
FutureLint said…
Love the graphic black and white! That is a huge snowbank there!
Chelsea said…
cute b&w ensemble... and you're rocking my favorite boots!
Cara said…
Aw, don't say "Uninspired!" Think of it as "easy to leave work at work" and focus on how much time you have OUTSIDE of work to be creative!

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