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My philosophy on work appropriate gear is wear what you want and keep pushing the weirdo vibe until someone tells you not to. That's how I ended up with pinky hair a few years ago.

march 18 2013

No one mentioned the tights. Shame. 

scarf: market in London
dress: Joe Fresh
tights: ?
boots: Steve Madden
necklace: arts fair

Today I am thankful for experimental cooking. Today I made fresh rocket pesto. Then I made taco seasoned roasted veggies for lunches this week. Then I used left over pork loin and left over coconut milk to slow cook it in garlic and ginger. And it was incredible!!


Megan Mae said…
Totally cute tights! The bright accessories are so fun to breakup an all black look. I guess I'm glad I don't actually have a job, I'm all for pushing boundaries. ;P
Cara said…
I think the secret is to balance the "rebellious" with the more tame... you can get away with anything using that formula! (Or at least so I've found!)
LyddieGal said…
Haha, that's a good method.
What is rocket pesto? Is it like regular (basil) pesto?
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