Just can't get enough

The colour of this dress is so incredible. I especially love it with my hair colour!

feb 21 2013

And it's comfy like jammies!

dress: made in Vietnam
top: thermal, Walmart
leggings: Joe 
boots: El Natualista, gift from mom
scarf: London market

My photos are rather goofy because the camera strap fell over the flash. And I didn't realize. Again. 

Today I am thankful for cotton. What a great fabric!


Style Journey said…
The dress is a beautiful color and the scarf is so fun!
Chelsea said…
oooh yes I gravitated like crazy to rich blue like this when my hair was red! You look radiant, dahling.
Megan Mae said…
Blues always look so magnificent with red hair!
Dj Mordia said…
Simply fabulous..! Looking great dear.. One this is for sure.. Blue suits you the best.. Great pick of latest fashion clothes... xoxo
Dj Mordia said…
Also loved the boots.. Great pick of Designer footwear..

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