Saturday Show & Tell

This week just flew by! I had Monday off from work but had major anxiety about going in on Tuesday. Turns out that my gut was right as it was a hard day, too much to catch up on and unknown items being flung into my inbox. However, after a cookie baking session I've sorted out my life and am feeling much more in control!
How about you? How was your week?

Wanna see some neat things?

Just one more reminder that on a Sunday afternoon grocery shop models look pretty much the same as the rest of us.

Designers usually try to make things pretty. But what if they are more useful when they're ugly?

Christchurch, NZ is slowly on it's way to recovery (with a cardboard Cathedral!).

And speaking of CHCH, look at the interesting slice of history they are finding beneath the rubble!

A free online Self-Acceptance workshop? Sounds really lovely!

A reminder from the always lovely Oh Joy! to let the good stuff stick

Share your cool links too!


geetabix said…
I like that idea of letting the good stuff stick. I don't know that my skin is anywhere near as clear and wrinkle-free as those "au naturel" models!

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