Saturday Show & Tell

Hey team. This week the snow fell and fell and fell.  This is what we're looking at:

That's March 2012                        This is March 2013
And that's my uncle running, which is weird because we found this on Facebook. 

The Gentleman Caller and I really want to take a minibreak roadtrip up to Saskatoon (there's really good restaurants...) but, friends, it's not looking great, let me tell you. Highways have been closed, people stranded, 100 car pileups... But then again we are hardy Prairie people, surely we can make it?

So, links!

How utterly gorgeous are these cherry blossoms in Japan?

Likewise with these terraced rice fields in China.

Google Reader is kaput. What to do now? Cara does all the research for us! 

Did you hear? The Titanic bandmaster's violin was found! I'm slightly skeptical. 

How to pair wine and food with an inforgraphic. 

In hair  / dress news:
Cara got a new haircut and it's stunning and a green dress that reminds me of Ireland!

Chelsea wore a fab new eShakti dress with the greatest colours of all time (and got bangs)

Laura's purple dress is marvellous and compliments her green hair!

Have a fabulous weekend!!


Cara said…
I feel so guilty because, for once, we didn't get the same blizzard system you did! Our mornings have been frigid, but by mid-afternoon, the snow is melting. Hopefully things will look up for you soon!
THanks for including me... TWICE! Made my morning!!
Laura Go said…
Thank you for including me in your awesome list, Danielle! I hope hope hope you and GC are keeping safe in your road trip! We have forecasts for snow today, but i's gorgeous right now and sunshiney. So maybe the snow will melt before hitting the ground?
Chelsea said…
Thanks for including me and my bangs in your fantastic link roundup :) Sending clear road juju your way!

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