Cooking adventures of late

I'm a cliche. I make food. I take photos of the food. Then I share those photos...

These are some things that I've been making lately.

Mini cheesecake bites. Yum-o. Even when you half the recipe. Even when you use low fat cream cheese and it's a bit runnier than desired. Found on Pinterest but my sweet friend Annie Bananie found it first.

After a rough day at work I came home and made some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies (from a mix, less impressive...)

I like to eat the same thing for lunch everyday at work. It saves time and thought. So I make a whole week of lunches. This is a whole bowl. But this time it's made with cauliflower rice. This is everything that I love in one place. Damn, I want some right now!

Since returning from Thailand I've been dreaming of amazing Asian food. I ordered Pad Thai from a place that usually I like. Totally disappointing. And so I made my own from a recipe book that I got at my Thai cooking school. It was incredible! And was even better the next day for lunch!

I really don't like to waste food. But I also find that I can't eat some things fast enough before they go off. I had some rocket (arugula) that was looking like it'd seen better days. So I threw it in a blender with some roasted almonds, some cheese, some lemon juice and a few spices and came up with rocket pesto. Perfect on pasta, crackers or mixed with yogurt, sriracha and lemon juice, it makes a great salald dressing. 

Another lunch time massive cooking operation. Roasted taco veg. Cut up any vegetable you can find. Throw into a bowl with a tad of oil, taco seasoning, other seasoning that comes to hand, salsa and roast on a baking sheet until it looks like you want to eat it. Serve with more salsa, sour cream and if you're feeling up to it, freshly made guacamole. And there you have a healthy lunch for 4 days.

This photo is pretty awful but it was such a treat of a meal. Spinach wilted in butter with garlic and nutmeg (I love spinach!) and a pork delight. I had left over pork and left over coconut milk. What to do? Mix together with spices, garlic, shallots and fresh ginger and slow cook. I had to leave the house just so that I could come inside again to smell how amazing it smelled!

Today I am thankful for cooking adventures. I'm trying to learn to make better use of my food and waste less. I'm trying to have more faith in my "throw things together and call it a meal" skills. Hey, it's all in the way you sell it. 


Cara said…
I love your directions: "roast on a baking sheet until it looks like you want to eat it"
Laura Go said…
Woman, I am a TOTAL CLICHE. I photograph everything I eat, then I ogle at them afterwards before I share. And then I ogle again. I think those cheesecakes look AMAZING. I haven't had cheesecake in ages, and now I am craving some. ALSO, that arugula dressing sounds insanely delicious! Must try!
♥ laura
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