Better off in bed

 I woke up with a terribly headache so all outfit plans went out the window.

mar 5 2013

Wearing glasses always makes me feel a little invisible. Like I can sneak through life and no one will notice me...

cardigan: Ricki's 
dress: Joe Fresh
tank: Cotton On
leggings: Target
boots: Bullboxer
necklace: beach in Vietnam
glasses: Prada

Since this was a migraine day pyjama-y cotton and flats was all that I could manage. I was going to come straight home from work and go to bed but I'm trying to escape my hibernative hermitude. So instead I went and played cards with some girls that are very nice but that I don't know very well. I was nervous to hang out with new people but, in the end, I had a great time and was very glad that I went. 

Today I thankful for people who go out of their way to make me feel included and welcome. That is a good feeling. We could all work on that I think...


Style Journey said…
Hope you are feeling better! It's nice to meet new people :) Glad you had a good time.
Megan Mae said…
Oh man migraine days are the worst. I love your glasses! I don't think you could possibly be invisible. You're such a cool person. Feel better, dear!

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