All that I can't ignore

Today I went to have Afghan food with some friends. Dear lord is that tasty or what??
june 8 2011

I bought these shoes many many years ago. I remember them being really comfortable. Today they were not. Maybe my feet have shifted? Only reasonable response, really.

Cardigan: Ricki's
dress: H&M
necklace: Joe Fresh
earrings: arts festival
shoes: Fly London "Lite" from Gravity Pope, Calgary

Today I'm thankful that everyday it's getting closer and closer to more consistent patio weather. Also am thankful for hearing from old friends and being shocked at how grown up small children have become. Where did the last 4 years go?


FutureLint said…
Gorgeous dress and I love the way it looks with your new hair! What a cool necklace too!
Melissa said…
That dress is fantastic on you! You are SO cute!

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Bella said…
I'm going to join the chorus and say, that dress is absolutely fantastic! You look wonderful! I think the cut is super flattering and the floral print is perfect for summer! Love the fun pictures!

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