Lifting voices

The packing lightly for my whirlwind U2 trip to Edmonton was a success. I had everything I needed in my, admittedly, massive purse.

The concert was fantastic! Great show, great sound, great stage and light show! It really seems that these guys enjoy each other and respect each other as musicians and people, even after all these years together. I think that their main message is simply to love. Love ourselves, each other, and the world at large. Do what you can to make your world a better place. Take care of each other.

Crazy stage!
Massive expanding 360 screen!

When I got back I jumped right into a very busy weekend. Our trivia team won the semester so we won a keg party. It started out badly because even after confirming a month ago and calling the day of the bartender had no idea that she was meant to be giving us free beer and the manager wasn't responding. Eventually, it was all sorted and was a pretty fun night.
june 3 2011

The only outfit photo I got was in mid dance groove... I'm a classy lady.

Cardigan: Ricki's
polka dot dress: Uttam London
skirt: Ricki's 
tights: H&M
boots: Steve Madden
moves: all mine

Also it was the Gentleman Caller's birthday this weekend!

I made him Pumpkin Cheesecake truffles as a gift.

Today I am thankful for adventures, big and small. Everyday I hope to be grateful for all that has brought me to this point...


Kirstin Marie said…
I love the photos from your concert! The stage looks awesome. You outfit is so cute, I love your pattern mixing skills...and your truffle making skills!!!!

Melissa said…
Ooooh, truffles - those truffles look and sound delicious! It looks like you had a fantastic time! I love your outfit, you look perfect for a fun night out. I'm glad it got all sorted out for you!

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FutureLint said…
Oh goodness, both of the pictures of you are ridiculously adorable! I love all the patterns and textures of black you have going on!
Bella said…
I love your going out outfit! And those truffles! OMG, I can't remember the last time I had a truffle!
laura said…
You go, girl! I love that picture of you mid-dance! And how cute are those truffles? They sound decadent :)
♥ laura
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