Sparkly Sitting Shoes

The good thing about working part time is that I get Mondays and Tuesdays off. So every weekend is 4 days. The bad thing is that weekends are only fun when you have people to spend them with.
june 28 2011

It was so beautiful out yesterday. I cycled, and walked and patioed. And, obviously, I didn't do any of those things in these shoes. I wanted to wear them because I just sparklated them. In real life they are pretty hard to wear. They are super high and the toes are sort of turned up like elf toes, which may aide in walking but also increases the potential to fall over. The ankle strap helps to keep them in place but, on me? I'm not a fan of that strap placement. Plus I think I lost them. So here they are: Sparkly Sitting Shoes.

And now back to the good part:
leggings & cardigan: Ricki's
dress: Joe Fresh
tank: Next
shoes: Aldo

Today I'm thankful for people who help me to change my perspective on things that I'm upset about. Things are never all bad or all good. And that's ok. I just need to remember to trust the process and that life is beautiful. 


Sal said…
Such fabulous, glittery heels!
laura said…
your shoes are ahhhhmayzing! In a past life, I may have been glitter's mistress and sequin's ex-lover, so you may understand the mesmerized aaahs :)
Bella said…
Sparkly sitting shoes they may be, but they are fabulous! I envy your courage to wear them. I wouldn't last a minute on them! :)
Chelsea said…
glitter me impressed with your DIY skillz, yo! those sitting shoes are gorgeous. and you keep blowing me away with your capri leggings. need me some.

also, I misread "It was so beautiful out yesterday. I cycled..." as "It was so beautiful out yesterday, I cried." Because I love gorgeous weather enough to shed a tear so I would understand.
geetabix said…
Amazing shoes, and great shade of purple dress!
La Fille D'or said…
Pretty shoes! I envy the day you had. Being stuck in an office in summer is just not fun : )
Melissa said…
Oh my goodness, those shoes are FIERCE! I love them! Although I'd sit all day in them too. :) I love you in a dress and leggings, so stinkin' cute!

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LyddieGal said…
You are right - four day weekends are never quite as good when you are home monday morning wishing you could get brunch with a friend but everyone is at work. But you have lots of time for things like blogging...ah hahaha.

The sparkly shoes are so awesome, of course they hurt, that is the way with awesome shoes.

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Anonymous said…
Life sparkles...just like those shoes.
Cara said…
I hate sitting shoes simply because they always look the prettiest when walking, even if they don't feel that way!

And I promise I'll check out the date cards - we're up to our ears in wedding stuff, but we desperately need a date night tomorrow night!
Anonymous said…
Those shoes are outrageous! Gorgeous & precarious.

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