Get on your bikes and ride

Today we celebrated World Refugee Day with many of the clients that we serve. The best part were the Bhutanese dancers and the Karen choir.

june 15 2011

Then I rode my bicycle around town in this dress. It seemed ideal really... But what I didn't think through was how small my apartment is and how big the bike is. I'm a bit nervous about leaving it locked outside though. But it makes manoeuvring difficult and pictures ridiculous.

cardigan & leggings: Ricki's
dress: H&M
shoes: Penny loves Kenny
necklace: arts festival
bracelets: Spring and because I bought them on the way home and didn't want a bag

Today I'm thankful for radio on the internet. I love listening to BBC Radio 1 in the morning as it reminds me of living in England. And Stereomood which gives you a playlist based on how your feeling or the activity your doing. We live in an amazing time where so many different and interesting things are at our fingertips.


Melissa said…
Oh I love that dress! You are the queen of dresses and leggings. You look adorable!

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet
Today I dissected pig hearts. I think you had the more fun day. Love the bracelets, and I'm secretly coveting your bike.
Cara said…
Don't leave it outside! I think every week, either on Twitter or Facebook, I hear of someone in this city having their bike stolen! Yours is too pretty I might even steal it!
geetabix said…
Cool bracelets! Is a Karen choir a choir of Karen people or something else?
Allison said…
I spent many a year with a bicycle in my apartment. Balconies are handy. In any case, you've done a great job of incorporating it into your photos today ;)
Vanessa said…
Love your bike (I had one of mine stolen a few summers ago and was crushed -- so i understand the desire to keep it safe and inside!)
LyddieGal said…
Wow, love your bike! Because it's blue and vintage looking - I know nothing about bikes...

and i love that you rode around in your dress and heels. so fabulous.

Chic on the Cheap
laura said…
your bike it cute! I totally wish I knew how to ride one, so I could have cute biking photos. Alas.

And your shoes are pretty! silvery goodness!
♥ laura
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