History lesson

In the middle of my city there is a lake and a beautiful park. The funny thing about this is that it's all manmade. At first them dammed a creek to provide water for the city. Then in the 1930s the lake was drained and deepened as a 'make-work' project done by 2100 men using only hand-tools and horse drawn wagons. In 2004, they did it again. This time with massive machinery. At the time this was the most exciting thing to ever hit the city. (That's when I decided to move to England... kidding, sort of). The result is the beautiful lake and huge park. On any given nice day tons of people go walking, biking, running and rollerblading around the lake. Families come to feed the geese and bikers bring their Harley's for others to admire.

june 14 2011

So that's the background of where this picture was taken. Just out for a walk after work.

comedy glasses: Forever 21
top & dress: Joe Fresh
leggings: Ricki's
shoes: Aldo
necklace & purse: gift from parents, from Spain

Today I am thankful for the ability to be able to use my body to walk around the park and to enjoy the sites and sounds. I'm grateful that I'm relatively healthy and my body, while not perfect, works the way it needs to.

PS Here's another tidbit... All the trees in the city were planted by hand as we live in the middle of the bald prairie!


Melissa said…
How fun!

Your outfit is super adorable. I bet you had a great time being outdoors, it looks like a beautiful day!

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laura said…
Thanks for the lesson! It's sooo cool that you know that much about where you live. I've been transplanted sooo many times, I never get to really know a place. sad.

And you look so smashingly awesome in your walking outfit! I wish I looked that pretty when just walking around!
Anonymous said…
I love being outdoors especially when it's not a lot of bugs. lol Cute outfit definitely a color combo I like!! :)
Allison said…
I love walking by water - I think it's my islander heritage :) You're looking fun and sassy in your pink and purple!

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