All I want to do is ride my bicycle to patios and hang out... Anybody else?

june 9 2011

Today I got 2 nice shoes call outs in the street. Well, actually, if I'm being specific 2 unrelated women shouted at me (and I quote) "Oh! I love your fricken' shoes! And your hair". 2 people, same strange and slightly assaulting wording...
top: Joe Fresh
dress: H&M
belt: Ricki's
tights: Ardene
earrings: art fair
necklaces: from my Grandma Pearl, the mid-length one broke before the pictures! Nooo!
flower: cut off my mama's shirt
shoes: Red or Dead "Maxa"

Today I'm thankful for 3/4 length leggings. I like the way they make my legs look and wish they weren't so hard to find!!


Have I mentioned that I love your frickin' shoes? And your hair?
geetabix said…
I love those shoes too. And all I want to do is ride my bike to a patio as well!
laura said…
I was gonna say how I LOVE your frickin shoes and your hair, but I see Katie has already beaten me to it... Nonetheless, I love them both still! :) AAAAAnd I also LOVE 3/4 leggings! If it's hard for you to find, then imagine how hard it is for 5 ft tall me!:)
Chelsea said…
And you've done it again, layering up this dress that we share. I gotta try this out already, cause you are killing it in this ensemble. Also the pops of hot pink in your shoes, hair, and rose? Ab Fab with the pale pink.

No wonder you got some street shoutouts!

Also, you have a good point about 3/4 leggings. They do look mighty fine! Perhaps I will try some one day...
Melissa said…
Those leggings would be full length on me. :)

I LOVE those shoes and the pop of pink in the flower too! This might be one of my most favorite outfits of yours. I really adore everything, you look fantastic!

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Mrs. J said…
Your shoes are fabulous and deserve loud in the street compliments..he he! I really like your dress and now I must run to H&M. :)
Cara said…
Rumour has it that Regina was full of dramatically behaving people on Friday - I wouldn't know, I was in Winnipeg - maybe you were yet another spectator in some wacky lunarly created event?

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