Canadian Fan Dance

Today it was 31 degrees!!! That's 87 F for my American pals (and hey, you guys, it's Canada Day tomorrow. So you can vicariously celebrate twice this weekend!). The point is that it was HOTTTTT! After work I walked to the park a block away and parked myself under a tree with a book and some cold soda water. Oh, yeah, I'm living the dream.

june 29 2011

I couldn't even bare to put on the AC cardigan for the pictures. I might have wilted right there. Immediately after I took a cold bath and drank a glass of chilled wine and ate banana chocolate "ice cream". HOLY PANTS! It was possibly the best thing ever.

dress: H&M from my trip to NYC 1 year ago
leggings: Ricki's (I've stockpiled them)
bracelets: Spring
necklaces: both from different craft fairs
shoes: Melissa from Gravity Pope
Barcelona fan: gift from my English friend when we were there in 2008 (also helping me to keep my sanity and partial functionality)

Today I am thankful for having the chance to work with women who I respect as coworkers and really enjoy as friends. That is very lucky indeed. 


Allison said…
My word that is hot! It was only 16 degrees here yesterday. Brrr.
Happy Canada day!
Cara said…
It was uncomfortably hot... so uncomfortably hot that I turned on the air conditioner - something I rarely do. Within 5 minutes, I was very glad that we pay through the roof for this place. And yes, we are in the Student Ghetto. I'd accuse you of being creepy, but I was walking downtown the other day and went: "Oh, that must be where Danielle works", so we are equally as creepy.

I love the fullness of that skirt!
Bah, it was 97 where I live yesterday, so I have no pity for you. I do have jealousy over the smooshed banana, but that's a different story.

My friend and I are going to Whole Foods tomorrow to celebrate Canada Day with a Mountie, poutine, Nanaimo bars and butter tarts!
Melissa said…
You look so adorable!

And I'm with Katie - it's been in the upper 90s here too, so no sympathy from me! ;)
Bella said…
And don't you look beautiful in spite of feeling wilted! :) I love this dress! I can't think of a better way to beat the summer heat than consuming banana chocolate ice cream!
LyddieGal said…
Glad you are getting to enjoy some summer weather!
I almost dont mind being hot, just because its summer, and it's better than being freezing!

Chic on the Cheap
laura said…
It's supposed to be 90+ degrees here today. When the thermometer reaches 85, I plan on being at the public library, mooching some AC since I don't want to pay for it myself. hahahaha. And banana choc ice cream sound divine!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Terri said…
banana chocolate ice cream? That's a great way to keep cool. Admiring the dress!

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