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I hate hate hate when tights or pants fall down. Consequently, pants with no belt loops are the devil and I have sworn never again to buy them. I tried on a pair of jeans that I liked but there were no belt loops so I didn't buy them. Instead I bought a pair of black pants WITH NO BELT LOOPS! Why? Apparently I didn't notice until I got home and wore them around a bit. What a mistake!
june 12 2011

It's ok though. I'm not a seamstress by any stretch of the word. By I'm crafty and resourceful so I Macgyverd belt loops out of some extra fabric. Brilliant! Me and my covered bottom are happy!
I wore this to get sushi for breakfast/lunch with the Gentleman Caller. Turns out it was an all you can eat buffet! Yummo.
blazer, top, pants, sunglasses: Ricki's (but all from different years so it's ok)
Shoes: Madden Girl from... an American store that starts with an M
necklace: Joe Fresh
cuff: arts festival

The Gentleman Caller had to try out the fisheye effect. Not very flattering...
Today I am thankful for Sundays. I get to hang out with a cute boy and visit my family as well. It's the best! Fun and relaxing!


The Rocket Scientist and I have a running joke where he asks me at least eight times before we go hiking if I'm wearing a belt, because of one too many times where my shorts almost fell off.
laura said…
ccccrAFTY of you to make those belt hoops yourself! and I love this blazer on you!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
LyddieGal said…
I have a few skirts that I'd love to attach some belt loops to, sometimes they are very good to have.

but i've learned the hard way to never pull up my pants by them - i've had a few rip straight out and take the waist band with them!
Melissa said…
Holy cow, that top and blazer look AMAZING on you! I adore those heels too!

Sushi for breakfast? Really? Mkay. :)

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Allison said…
Belt loops are a good thing! You look great - very sassy!
geetabix said…
Nice necklace. And yay for cute boys!
Cara said…
Hmm... I should consider adding beltloops to a few pairs of pants! Why is is that men's pants always have them, but it's hit or miss with women's?
Anonymous said…
I leave all the hard sewing jobs to my husband. So hooray for creating new belt loops by yourself. I like this outfit especially the beautiful teal blouse.

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