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You people are amazing. The comments you left yesterday were helpful, touching and truly appreciated. It's always so important to remember that there are so many people who are in a similar situation. Thank you. From all the soft edges of my full heart, thank you.
june 23 2011

I realized today about 15 minutes before I was meant to be at work that I didn't have a blue belt and that the outfit would have been perfect with it...

dress: Betty Page from Retrovise
belt: H&M
shoes: Red or Dead 'Maxa'
unseen flower hair clip: arts festival

Today I'm thankful for this silly internet and how it can connect people in far off places to know that they are never alone. We all make such a difference in people's lives and for the most part we don't even know it. I'm also thankful for the way the wind swirls this skirt. It makes me feel like a lady.

Title: Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson


Melissa said…
Well you look like a gorgeous lady, that's for sure! What a fabulous dress!!! Yes, a blue belt would've been great but now you can go shopping for one. ;)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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Allison said…
That dress is amazing! And I agree, the interweb is a pretty cool thing ;)
laura said…
Blue belt or not, this outfit is amazing! I really love the bow detail you've added. And I must say, that particular shade of blue is enchanting!
LyddieGal said…
The internet is truly a crazy thing. I've never felt so connected to people... and yet they are people who i've never met, and only know about their lives in tiny bits and pieces, colors and flowy skirts... and you dont have to match, you could throw on an orange belt, or a turquoise one or a cream one... they'd all be pretty rockin.

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Jackie said…
Love the dress and it looks great on you.
Pop Champagne said…
you're right I do love how the internet connect us all who has common interest together, the red looks great on you btw!

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