Packing lightly

I am a notoriously heavy packer. How do I know what I will want to wear? How will I know which shoes will make my feet and my heart the happiest?

My sister and I in a London hotel, waiting for our room and holding each other up

Even for very short trips I take my giant backpack. I'm awesome packer for long trips. Months backpacking? No problem... It's just that I take an equal amount for only 1 night.

Being crushed by too many shoes (probably)

This overnight trip I am trying to be space-frugal. I'm only going to be taking my purse and a canvas bag for in-car games and journals and such.

We'll see if I end up looking Hobo Chic...
Happy Thursday!!!


Allison said…
I am an overpacker too... I always worry that I won't be in the mood to wear what I've brought. Good luck with your travels :)
Kim said…
and lots... er no room to take anything new home! :D have fun and be safe :D
laura said…
Oh my word, that is one ginormous backpack. I HATE having to carry stuff, so when I travel by myself, I always ALWAYS pack light. But, if my husband or another reliable male will be travelling with me, then I shamelessly pack a ton. :)
Cara said…
Hey, your sister kind of looks like me!
My hope is that I can do my entire honeymoon packing in a carry-on. At least on the way there. We need new luggage anyway, so if I have to pick up a suitcase when I'm there to bring home everything I buy, it'll still be money well spent!
Bella said…
I'm the opposite; I don't pack enough. This usually ends up in my wearing the same outfit over and over like a uniform. :( I think both extremes are bad but I say, if it doesn't fit in a carry on, it stays!
geetabix said…
Where are you travelling to? (Sorry if you said it in an earlier post, I am catching up from a week away)

I just packed my record lightest for this trip (partly because one of the airlines I used had minimal carryon allowances). Last time I went I took 2 suitcases because I didn't want to be cold/have the worng shoes/have bad hair/not be able to find Qips. This time a single backpack and my purse and the customs agent asked me where the rest of my luggage was.

The craziest thing is that I unpacked and there were still 2 unworn items and a handful of unused toiletries!

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