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It's raining again.

june 4 2011

On Saturday we went to Mosaic which is a celebration of cultures in our city. They have a bunch of pavilions that have food, drinks, music, dancing and little shops. We only went to Ukrainian for perogies, Greek for spanakopita, and Scottish for the bagpipes! It's expensive and the crowds are huge but I think that it's worth it to step out of your own area for a night.

jacket & cardigan: Ricki's
dress: H&M
flower: From a top of my mom's
belt: Folk Fest vendor
tights: Halloween store
boots: Steve Madden


Today I am trying to be thankful that it is raining again. Water makes the flowers grow and the air smell lovely. Right?


FutureLint said…
You are looking very rock-n-roll! I love the pink flower and that it matches your tights! And the insanely cool belt!
Sal said…
OH, how I adore those tights!
geetabix said…
Fabulous outfit! And mosaic sounds like fun - my Regina cousin goes every year.
Bella said…
Woman, just how many tights do you own? :) I love 'em all!
Mrs. J said…
I wish we had tight weather here, but instead I'm left with HOT summer days. :(

Love the tights and my husband loves perogies since it's a very popular food in Central PA.
LyddieGal said…
Moasic sounds like a lot of fun, and I love your dotted LBD - too cute!
Melissa said…
Oh you're adorable.

I'm not a huge fan of crowds but sometimes you just have to go to events like that for some energy! Hope you had a great time!

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Cara said…
We skipped out on Mosaic this year, thinking we'll be in Wpg for Folklarama, and it's bigger, and therefore better (?). However, I've been craving perogies all week, and not the crappy store bought nuclear orange ones... the good ones made by an authentic Ukrainian Baba!

Check out my post today - I had a creepy dream about blogs and you!
Allison said…
Mmmmm perogies....
You look great! Rockstar chic! I think it's supposed to rain here too. My flowers have never looked better ;)
Megan Mae said…
LOVE the belt and the pops of pink.

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