I wore this dress to the funeral of a family friend who I'd known nearly all my life. I grew up spending summers out at the cottage where we have this wonderful group of friends. It was lovely to see them but sad to say goodbye to their grandfather.
june 11 2011

I did learn that my teacher friend passed this little blog on to her 'fashion girls' in her class. So in case they actually read Keep Warm: hey girls! Thanks for popping by!

dress: Smart Set
sash: Le Chateau ?
tights: H&M
necklace: store in Madrid
earrings: gift, from Italy
shoes: Melissa from Gravity Pope
sunglasses: Ricki's

Today I'm thankful for the time that we have one earth. I'm thankful for people who genuinely care for others and are not afraid to let everyone know. I hope that when I go I can be remembered as a Good Woman. 


Melissa said…
You ARE a good woman.

And you're beautiful, inside and out.

I'm sorry about your friend's grandfather. I'm glad you were able to be there to celebrate his life with them. That's another example of what a good woman (and friend!) you are!

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Cara said…
I love that you a red belt with it. The black is respectful, but the red keeps a little bit of "you" in it!
Kirstin Marie said…
You are a GREAT woman. I'm sorry about your friend's grandfather. Your funeral attire is really nice.

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