You said your love was fierce and I agree with you

On Saturday the Gentleman Caller and I went to our very first wedding together!

It was fun! It would have been a lot more lovely if it hadn't been bucketing down with rain at the outdoor wedding. Luckily they had a tent and everything was really laid back.

It was out in the country and when it wasn't raining it was beautiful.

The theme was Lego which was good because we couldn't wander the beautiful garden in the rain between the ceremony and the dinner. But we could play with Lego!
june 18, 2011

After a good night (with the most delicious cupcakes!) we returned to the Gentleman's house only to find that his basement had flooded completly from all the rain that we've been getting. I stepped onto the carpet and it splooshed up around my foot. We did what we could but then it was bumming us out so we went to back to my place.
cardigan: gift
dress: Ricki's
bracelets: Spring
shoes: Aldo
hair clip: arts fair

You're a strangely deformed tiger!
Today I'm thankful for the chance to be able to help other people celebrate love and new life together!

Title: Are you swimming in her pools? by Swan Lake

EDIT: Hey guess what?? I'm also featured, along with other stylish ladies, over at Kirstin Marie's blog today! Hurrah!


I like how both you and gentleman dude had snazzy hair accessories. And a Lego theme sounds so much fun!
Allison said…
A lego theme! How fun is that? I love that picture of you and the GC! Hopefully his basement has dried out :S
Melissa said…
Congrats on the feature!

I love going to weddings, they're fun and they involve CAKE. Always a good thing. You look wonderful, I love the dress!

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Chelsea said…
okay that pick of you and the GC at the top is fantastic. can you frame it please? not only are your pink hairs looking particular spectactular, but the gazing into ones eyes while smiling genuinely is warm & fuzzy feeling inducing.

also I love the outfit... especially since the top of the dress is somewhat reminiscent of legos (was this on purpose? methinks it was!).

finally, I'm wearing that ruffly pink/black dress from h&m today with a long sleeve tee layered underneath. all because of YOU. such an inspirer you are! photos to come in a few weeks probs...

Bella said…
Lady, you look fantastic! Love the black maxi dress! And that photo of you and the Gentleman Caller is wonderful! Love is in the air! :)
Vanessa said…
I saw your pic on the pattern mixing post by Kristin! (COOL!)
I love the jeweled neckline. It adds such a statement to this look.
Kirstin Marie said…
What a cool theme for a wedding!! I love your maxi dress, it's very pretty. You are rocking it!! :)
geetabix said…
Beautiful outfit. That blue sweater pops! Sorry about the basement.

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