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Friday was a good day and a bad day. Mostly because I'm selfish. My bestie friend found out that she got a job in a city that is far-ish away. I'm so so so happy for her. But so sad for me because I want her to be here to hang out with...

june 10 2011

Also my big plan was to go to a bar to watch Game 5 of the Stanley Cup playoffs (hockey? anyone?). Mostly I wanted yell in public in a socially acceptable way. Sadly it wasn't a particularly a yellish game. Happily, we won!! Oh the excitement!

blazer, top, skirt: Ricki's
necklace: from a tiny shop in a tiny village in England
earrings: gift from Italy
shoes: Fly London "Fava"

Today I am grateful for wonderful friends that have made my life vastly better...


Melissa said…
You're allowed to be selfishn when you're sad about less time with your friend. It's okay.

I LOVE those red shoes! Love them! You look awesome in this outfit, it's so flattering!

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Forgive me for what I'm about to say, but...Go Bruins!

Alright, on to more pleasant topics. I love the sassy all-black going on here, and congrats to your friend. And just look at it this way: now you have another place to go and have fabulous vacations/visits!
Chelsea said…
ugh... friends moving away is always so bittersweet! we love them and want them to be happy... but then we'll miss how happy they make us! i've dealt with this over and over again (lots of peeps come to SF for only a short period, make me fall in friendlove with them, then leave!)... and so I totally feel your pain. happy thoughts for your pal though :)

and you're killing it in this ensemb as usual. i want that blazer (and skirt, and shoes, and top...).
Cara said…
I love those shoes!!!!
Allison said…
I am currently watching hockey and it's not looking good for Vancouver. Le sigh. Those red shoes are lovely! And hopefully you'll get to visit your friend in her new city :)
laura said…
I know how you feel about your bestie! I hate moving, and I hate moving away after making awesome friends :(

But enough sadness. I love your outfit! (as always) the neckline of that top is just so gorgeous! and those shoes are lovely!
♥ laura
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