Today I wanted to feel ladylike. And like spring (just found out that another 20cm of snow is expected!!!!)

mar 14 2013

Immediately after taking these photos this morning I swapped the brown shoes for black ones. The style of the shoe goes with the style of the dress but the colours weren't right at all. Good thing I had extra time this morning to take photos or it might have been a fashion faux pas!

dress: H&M
blazer: made in Vietnam
belt: H&M
tights: Ricki's
shoes in photo: Next
shoes in real life: Spring

It looks like I'm having a discussion with myself over the shoes!

Today I am thankful that it is light out when I go to work now. The sun keeps getting up earlier and earlier and it's a beautiful thing... If only it would stop snowing... 


Style Journey said…
That dress is fabulous! Although our calendar says it's spring, we are not getting it anytime soon either
geetabix said…
I love the pink cuffs so much! And, Edmonton got about 20cm over the past few days so back to winter boots and parkas here too.
Cara said…
I hear Regina broke the record for amount of snow per season, this weekend. I'd say congratulations, but I know how that is NOT a good thing! Glad you could keep your spring thoughts going!
Megan Mae said…
That dress is definitely springy! We've bounced from sandal to boot weather and back within a week. Maybe not snow anymore, but sure is miserable!

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