Bah to fashion rules!

We've all heard the fashion rules. They are reinforced nearly every day by fashion magazines and TV shows that tear apart celebrities. We're all supposed to be thin. And if we can't manage that, then at the very least, we should be dressing in such a way to disguise our wobbly bits. Monochromatic vertical lines that stop in just the right place to emphasize our best features. And some days I'm all for that. I dig waist cinching, hip/thigh reducing things as much as the next girl. Maybe even more.

june 30 2011

But then there are days like this. When all you want to do is shine and if that means breaking some rules, then so be it. Some of the rules broken here:
- never wear sequins in the day time
(Maybe it's trashy. But probably it's just awesome.) 
- never wear sequins to work. 
(This is probably true. But I asked my facebook people and they thought it was funny, so...)
- don't wear mini-skirts as they only emphasize a large leg as they cut you at mid-thigh, the largest part. 
(But I kind of like it. I feel powerful. And sassy.)
- never, ever wear shiny, clingy dresses that emphasize your 'problem parts' 
(But what happens when a problem-part-hiding-device collides with the plan to celebrate the juiciness of your bottom?)

blazer, dress, leggings: Rickis
top: Smart Set
shoes: Aldo

And yes, I was a bit nervous for the first few minutes of walking to work. But then I noticed how the sequins caught the light and it was so beautiful. I stood up a bit more straightly, I sashayed a bit more authentically. I rocked it. And when I got to work? They loved it too. 

Today I'm thankful for bravery and learning to dress to make me happy in the body that I have right now. 


Chelsea said…
this post rocks my world and speaks to my soul! flant your stuff, woman. you look gorgeous in those sparklies!
Allison said…
Proof that rules are meant to be broken! I think I will wear big horizontal stripes today, in solidarity ;)
Sal said…
Rock ON, beautiful!
Melissa said…
YOU are my hero and you look AMAZING!!! This is proof that fashion rules are ridiculous because you look incredible. I love it!

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geetabix said…
"what happens when a problem-part-hiding-device collides with the plan to celebrate the juiciness of your bottom?"

Mrs. J said…
I'm all for breaking fashion rules and loving every minutes of it. Wearing sequins in the day should be mandatory. Why wait until night to shine. :)
Terri said…
I have operated under the same unstated rule--so it pleases me immensely to see someone wear these sparkles to work!
You are so correct!
Love the dancing poses.
Sequins are so much fun.
laura said…
BAH to fashion rules, indeed! Well done, lady, you show the world how awesome it is to be sparkly and sassy! I totally love this look! And I now want a shiny sequin mini. I WANT one.
Bella said…
Oh girl, you look stunning and amazing and sassy! This post and your style is just inspiring! I love it how you make us curvy girls believe we can do anything we like. And I love that you're a rule breaker and that feature posts like these. They make me brave and encourage me to go forward, wearing what I want, just because! Thank you for that! :)

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