Can I handle the seasons of my life?

It is finally hot. Like really really hot.
On Friday we went out for a last drinks with my lovely friend who has now moved away. Patios, good friends, warm sunshine, great conversation and plenty of laughs is the perfect way to end the week.
july 15 2011

This dress was my mom's from the 70s. I pulled it out of our dressing up Tickle Trunk a few years ago. As you can tell she was a lot less busty than I but I think that I made it work for me. The print is so pretty: cream with tan polka dots and little tan/red bees!

blazer: Ricki's 
under dress: Noa Noa
dress: old, dare I say vintage?
belt: from Bettie Page dress
bracelet: gift
shoes: Fly London

In the morning I also managed to do my hair with some fancy Spin Pins ($3 on sale, bargain!). I had taken it down by the time 7pm pictures rolled around but here's what it looked like:

Fancy Schmancy, no?
Today I am thankful for the seasons of life. People and places come into your life when they are meant to. And just like summer or autumn, everything must come to an end and change. And that's ok. Just because this season is finished doesn't mean that there won't be another where we're together again...

title: Landslide by Stevie Nicks


Amara said…
I love that song. I got to sing it at the year end recital! It's so powerful - I tear up every time I hear it, especially with the current life changes going on.

Keep sailing through the changing ocean tides my pretty.
Claire said…
okay, that dress is so cool and even more special because it belonged to your mom! this is a great look. i love the neutral/polka dots paired with that blazer. you look fab! and how cool is your hair?!!!
Style Journey said…
That is a super cool dress! And it was your mom's? That's even cooler!

I just adore you hair. So cute and fun. I cannot wait until my hair grows out so I can do things like this!
Allison said…
That's so cool that you have your mom's dress! It looks great on you! We're in the middle of a heat wave too, summer is here!
Anonymous said…
Very pretty dress and even cooler since it comes from you mom. Love the fancy hairdo! :)
Melissa said…
The dress is adorable, that's a great way to style it if the bust area is too snug. I'm glad you had a good time!
Chelsea said…
I would never have known the dress was too snug in the bust... very clever fix, my dear!

And hand me downs from Mom are the best! Not that I have any cause my mom is teeny, but I love the idea :)

Also, the spin pins hairdo is fab! How'd you do that figure 8 dealie??
Bella said…
Lady, this dress is a stunner! I also did not pick up on the fact that it was snug on the bust. It looks fine to me! I love the color and the details. That last shot of you is priceless! I love your fun poses--always! They make me smile! :)
Cara said…
I'm fascinated by the hair! Tutorial?!?!
How fun that that dress was your moms, I love it!


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