Sweetness drips off my tongue

This long weekend was just lovely. Canada Day with it's silly little parade and the family tradition of eating  french fries and onion rings in the park. Celebrating my grandpa's 87th birthday with the entire family coming out to the lake to enjoy my dad's special slow smoked roast. And friends coming out to enjoy the sun on Sunday.
july 2 2011

Every year for my Grandpa's birthday we walk up a hill in a little town nearby. Every year Grandpa isn't sure if he'll be able to make it. But he always does.

There is a church at the top which looks like it hasn't been used in years. From there you can see the valley and the lakes system. That beautiful valley feels like home. It's where I grew up and where I can breathe.

dress: Ricki's  - 2008
cardigan: from my grade 12 grad dress - 1999
necklace: art fair
shoes: hideous runners, thus hidden

Today I am thankful to have the lake. To have a place that is beautiful and peaceful and that runs on it's own time. I'm grateful to have spent my summers there with a group of wonderful people who are more than friends, they are my beach family. 


What a beautiful location, and what a fun tradition. Good on your granddad for making it up the hill!
monster cakes said…
Such a pretty view!

And such a pretty pink hair streak! Love it.
Melissa said…
You look so classy!

This view is breathtaking, especially with you in it. :) I'm glad you had such a good weekend.

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laura said…
What an amazing view! And the area looks soooo lush and green!
Chelsea said…
Wow that is just breathtaking! What a gorgeous place, and also what a beautiful family tradition you have.
Mrs. J said…
I'm jealous of your scenery, such a beautiful view. You are so blessed to have such a wonderful family. Love it!

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