I wore pretty much this exact same thing a month ago. I am not apologizing. I like it, it was hot, too hot to sleep at my apartment, and... um... I look good?

july 20 2011

So questions, questions!!

cardigan: gift
dress: Ricki's
bracelets: Spring
shoes: The Bay
earrings: art fair

So we're not going to Australia until October but have been talking about it for the better part of 2 years. We'll be going for at least a year and then who knows!! So far the plan is not to kill each other on the 47 hour journey, get to Melbourne and find jobs.

So for the next 2 months we're saving up money, thinking about packing lists, I'll be moving out of my apartment and we have to sell our cars. So, yeah, I guess we're really moving but with only a backpack and a smile!

The other good news is that today I finally got full time employment at my work! I've been waiting since April with what seemed like promises every couple of weeks! Thank goodness!

Today I am thankful for samosas. Everyone at work got one today and we crowded into a tiny office chatting and eating spicy, aromatic, delicious samosas and chutney. Yummo!


geetabix said…
You look great! Is it a necklace or is that part of the dress? Congrats on the full-time employment, I'm sure it will help you save up for your year away.
Bonnie said…
First, I love your hair. It's fierce.
Second, I love the cardigan. The color really pops against the black.
Third, every girl needs a fab black dress.
Fourth, you're awesome.
The end.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88
At least a year?!?! Wow! Lady, you have some guts and an amazing adventure ahead of you. And now I'm super-jealous and seriously reconsidering my choice to stay in Little Town U.S.A....
Style Journey said…
I just think this is amazing that you are going to Australia! That takes some serious cahonies to do that I think it is awesome!

Your outfit is great too!
Chelsea said…
you look marvelous! love the contrast of the turquoise with your pink streak. gorgeous darling, just gorgeous.

and moving to Australia with a backpack and your GC sounds like such a wonderful adventure! hope you'll keep posting :) I actually lived in Perth, Western Australia for a semester in undergrad. let's just say that's where I discovered my affinity for beer and wine! annnnnnd on a less lushy note, the need for advocacy for indigenous cultures.

congrats again on the full time status :)
Allison said…
Wow I'm so excited for you!
And you look great! And it is hot. And I like samosas too :)
Tia said…
Definitely good timing for full time work to help you save up moolah faster!

I friggin love that cardigan too.
Melissa said…
And um...you DO look good! I love this outfit on you!
Anonymous said…
I really like the vivid blue in this outfit. I truly hope you blog in Australia...an adventure worth following.
Cara said…
Thank you for not apologizing! It irritates me when people think it's all taboo to repeat outfits!

Such an exciting time for you! Enjoy it!!
LyddieGal said…
mmm samosas!
Congrats on finally getting full time employ, and Australia, wow you must be really looking forward to that!

Chic on the Cheap
laura said…
Gorgeous outfit! Your look awesome! :)

I am excited for your adventure to Australia! :) Nice plan you have there. I like it. Simple, easy, and to the point!

♥ laura
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