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My manager at work suddenly dropped the bombshell on us that our funders want us to open on Saturdays.  This is not ok. Frankly, I like my 2 day weekends. I might almost consider them a right.
We spent most of the evening trying to figure out a schedule that would work. The only solution is to hire another part-time person who would work on Saturday. We are terribly clever.

july 21 2011

I finally persuaded the Gentleman Caller to go roller blading with me for date night. We felt so proud of ourselves that we went directly to a patio for sangria!

tank: Smart Set
dress: Joe Fresh
shoes: New Look, London
earrings: art fair

Today I am thankful for the physical ability to do fun things like rollerblading. It makes me feel strong and that people were really made to enjoy this beautiful, tricky old life. 


geetabix said…
I would comment but I have to run to Stupidstore to see if I can get one of those gorgeous dresses ...
Bella said…
I believe this is the first time I'm seeing this dress on you and it is spectacular! You look wonderful! I love it! Here's hoping you get to stay home on Saturdays and not have to work! :)
Cara said…
You seem to be genius at finding stuff in Superstore. I've been trying to avoid the urge to shop since it would be one more thing I'd have to pack, but this blogging world is making it hard - harder especially when I see you being able to find awesome pieces in Regina!

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