FBFF: What's in my bag

Here is an FBFF visual post. This week is hosted by Marie-Eve from A Pretty Nest. You can head over to Marie-Eve’s blog to check out all the other bloggers who are sharing what’s inside their bag.

 I've never been accused of being a light packer. This also stands for every day life. I like to be prepared for every eventuality! If I'm going to work I'll usually have a pair of heels and a lunch in this bag as well.

bag: Matt & Nat
Kobo ereader
blue nail polish
Rosebud Salve
Filofax daily planner
extra sauces (soy sauce, vinegar, salt, pepper) for lunches. I don't like bland food!
Olive package wallet
mini purse: Danier, gift
lip stain
mini fork - prepared!
asthma puffer
missing: Ipod... I hope that I put it somewhere for safe keeping

So there you go! Now you know what I lug around with me everyday. I really need to learn to minimize...
Happy Friday everyone!!


Style Journey said…
These posts are so fun! You are a well prepared lady! I love that you keep a fork and extra sauces in your bag. Have you ever had any spillage mishaps in your bag?
Bonnie said…
I usually wear heels all day at work, so I always have a pair of ballet flats stashed in my handbag -- along with my lunch.
And basically everything else that you just mentioned.
I'm a heavy packer when it comes to handbags. They carry my life!

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Marie-Eve said…
When I'm at work I always carry Dr Schols foldable ballet flats cause sometimes I can't stand the heels anymore ! I love that handbag, it's just stunning !!!

Thanks for sharing !

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Dolls Factory said…
Love how you take everything in your bag , mine is a pretty mess too with all that we might or might not need during the day.
great blog ,great suggestion from another blogging friend who follows you.

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Let me know if you decide to follow, It would be my please to start a blogging friendship.
Bella said…
Danielle, you are prepared for just about anything with your bag contents! I love it! My daughter is super petite but still manages to haul massive contents in her purse. I tease her and say she has everything but the kitchen sink in her bag!
I love that you carry sauce in your bag, thats so funny but well prepared! Love the filofax too

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Terri said…
carrying your own fork is a great idea.

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