Shine on you crazy diamond

Fridays are the best days ever. This Friday was particularly good. My friend is moving back to her hometown this week (boooo!) so we had her going away party.

july 8 2011

We stopped by a patio for some lovely imported beer. Then we were off to sushi dinner. Then we played Kinect Dance. Have you guys ever played this thing? It's incredible!! Soooooo fun!

hat & top: Joe Fresh
blazer & shorts: Ricki's
shoes: Aldo


Today I am thankful for those very few people who enter your life and you just know immediately that you are going to be friends. It doesn't happen very often but when it does you know that it's a very special friendship indeed. 


Allison said…
Imported beer and sushi? Two of my favourite things! Also, you are the queen of daytime sparkle. Just sayin.
Style Eyes said…
I love your outfit especially the glittery top. Agreed a good friend is very special.
TheMadTwins said…
Great outfit! Love your hair and the hat is lovely too ^-^
xx Paris
Melissa said…
Oh my heavens, you look SO stinkin' cute!!! I love this! The shorts with the blazer, the sparkles, the sandals...SO adorable!

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet
Style Journey said…
What a fun outfit! Love the fedora!

And I have played the Kinect Dance and it is a blast! I love the fact you don't need a controller :)
Chelsea said…
boo to friends moving away, but yay to partying to send them off in style! sounds just lovely.

and Fridays are the besssssst. okay, maybe 2nd best in my book, after Saturday.

also, this outfit is awesome. the walking shorts + blazer is so adorable, and made even more so by the sparklies and fabuloso hat.
laura said…
Your outfit is soooo partylicious! I love that sequin/glitter top framed with that jacket for structure!
♥ laura
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