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On Monday I went with some friends to the nearest small city. There is a mineral spa to bob around in and tunnels that apparently Al Capone ran around smuggling alcohol into Prohibition blanketed America. Great way to spend the day, especially when gelato is involved as well.
july 5 2011

Yesterday I was really looking forward to spending the day by myself, reverting to my introverted self. Instead I was called into work for the busiest day imaginable. I'm happy to have money, but I get cranky if I don't have time alone. After the madness of this day I accidentally drifted into one of my favourite bars on the walk home. I sat on the patio, read my book in silence and nursed my beer for 2 hours just to transition out of the work day.

glasses: Prada
top & jeans: Ricki's 
cardigan: Grad dress from 1999
sandals: Aldo
necklace: gift, from Cuba

Today I am thankful for work, even when I don't really want it. It's good to be busy. 


Chelsea said…
alone time is crucial, yo! sitting on a porch reading while drinking a beer for two hours sounds blissful to moi! what are you reading, pray tell?!
Chelsea said…
duh... also meant to say I'm diggin' this ensemble. the green layered under black crochet speaks to me.
Kirstin Marie said…
Good for you for taking some alone time! You look cute in this color, I like the vibrancy of it.
Melissa said…
You look adorable, those jeans fit you perfectly!

I agree about being grateful for work even when we don't want it. :) Being busy IS good.

I totally wish I could go grab a beer with you!

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet
geetabix said…
Reclaim the pubs for space for anything not just mad partying!
Bella said…
And I can't think of a better way to transition! :) Can this cardi look any greater! Just go to show you that pieces you wore back in the day can totally make a comeback and look stunning! Oh, and the jeans look great on you! :)
LyddieGal said…
I would always rather be busy at work than bored, but I'd definitely be cranky if I thought I was having the day off beforehand!

Hope tomorrow is less crazy!

Chic on the Cheap
laura said…
Nothing brightens a day up like gelato. I will attest to that. :) And I agree with you, lady. I want money, but I also value my time a lot. Ugh--to be a responsible adult and functioning member of society is sooo overrated. :)

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