Happy Canada Day!!!

Yay! It's Canada Day!

Everyone, wherever you're from can celebrate today! I remember when I lived in a pub in England I wrote a sign on the chalkboard outside and made the rest of the staff wear Canadian flag stickers that my talented friend Krista had drawn. She was visiting me and while we were in London for a couple of days we accidentally stumbled upon a giant Canada Day celebration in the middle of Trafalgar Square. There was an Aboriginal drum circle, floor hockey and an awesome precision drumming band called Squid. They were selling Canadian beer and bison burgers. It was a brilliant day!!

I also remember having the evening off and wishing that I could see some fireworks. I even went to the shop to see if I could find some sparklers so at least I could run up and down the beach with them. No luck. I was just settling in to another year without Canada Day celebrations when I heard a loud BOOM! Wait? What? Fireworks? I took off running down the street in the direction of the sound. From across the river someone was setting off the most beautiful fireworks! Apparently it was at a wedding and the bride was Canadian... just lovely!

Last year I was lucky enough to have one of those friends from the pub come visit me. It was Sarah's first time in North America (we had previously gone to NYC and that was another adventure) and she was able to be here for Canada Day. We go out to our cottage which is near a small town. There is a parade, which is rather crap but really charming. And then we go eat french fries in a park by the lake...

Silly hats are mandatory

So are silly mini-cars

Today I am thankful and proud to be Canadian. That is all. 


Amara said…
Happy Canada day to YOU! I hope you guys had a lovely weekend at the beach. Talk to you soon.

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