Just keep swimming

Today I was grumpy. I've been struggling with the state of my Sugar Belly and the fact that it wants to stay for a cuddle rather than disappearing.
My mom called to go out to the little independent shops so I got out of my schlumpy clothes, put on some makeup and put on some Sugar Belly skimming clothes. I guess the idea was to send a message to the Sugar Belly that even though I don't really appreciate it's non-deflating tendencies, I still am ok. I can still wear clothes that I look ok in, I can still feel ok about how I look in them. And maybe also it was a message to my brain to stop beating up on me and the belly that I have... Either way I felt a bit better about life.
july 23 2011

Then I went to a 2 year old's birthday party. It was a baby bonanza with 3 toddlers and 3 infants! And seeing kids running around and getting their hands all sandy just so that they are able to wash them in the sprinkler, made me hope that they know how precious they are. And that as they grow up they never have the types of unfriendly thoughts that I was having about my body just a few hours before.
top & skirt: Ricki's 
belt: Suzy Shier
shoes: Melissa, from Gravity Pope
earrings: art festival
bracelet that I forgot to put on: gift

Today I saw this and it made me cry. It's a bunch of pictures and audio of couples who were married on the first day that NY recognized and performed gay marriage. Listening to what each couple says about what this means to them is beautiful! I love a good love story! So today I am thankful that people in positions of power are starting to realize that we are all wanting the same things: to love and be loved, to care for someone and to be taken care of, and to know that your rights as a human being are being looked after...


LyddieGal said…
It's good that even when you aren't the most comfortable with how your body looks, you can still dress to disguise it and make believe it isn't even there at all. you look like a perfectly elegant hourglass here!

Chic on the Cheap
Cara said…
Sugar belly? Bah - you look HAWT! A bright red set of lips smiling is the best way to deal with a sugar belly or any other body issue.
geetabix said…
I hope you stay in those kids' life as a body positive role model! Too much time and LIFE wasted thinking a little sugar belly or double chin or bat wing makes any difference to how amazing you are.
Tia said…
You're looking absolutely gorgeous today, miss. You are stunning. :D This top in particular is totally wicked on you.

Also, I gotta say, every time I see that splash of pink hair, and it puts a feather in my cap for ladies with awesome hair.
Allison said…
You look amazing! I would never guess that you were feeling low! I often have the same unfriendly thoughts about my own sugar belly... I've more or less come to terms with the fact that no matter how much I weigh, eat, or exercise, I will still have a sugar belly. That's just how my body likes to roll ;)
Also, love that vid from NY :)
Melissa said…
You look absolutely incredible in that outfit, my dear. The sugar belly comments make me laugh because it's an amusing name and I know the feeling...but you look gorgeous, sugar belly or not.
Chelsea said…
you look absolutely fabulous in this getup, my dear! you are making me rethink how to wear pencil skirts... LOVE it with the wide belt.

and I love the way you turned around the meanish thoughts about yourself to be a bit more positive... cause you are gorgeous and beautiful just as you are :)


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