Thursdays I start late and work late. Usually it is not very busy at work in the evening unless there are classes or groups. Often we have dance parties and my Syrian coworker teaches me how to belly dance. Tonight was unusual in that there were many phone calls and even some clients in the building. No dancing tonight.
july 14 2011

For date night the Gentleman Caller and I went for Slush Puppies and Indian Food. These pictures were taken in the dodgy back alley whilst waiting for food. It was so wonderfully tasty that even the thought of it made me dance!

top: Ricki's
skirt: Next from 2006
belt: Folk Fest vendor
bracelet: gift
hat: Joe Fresh
sunnies: Forever 21
shoes: Aldo
bag: Danier, gift

 This morning my newish Aldo shoes broke! I had to Macgyver them with an elastic in order to flip flop home!

Today I'm thankful for all the locally owned, independent and ethic restaurants we have in this small city. 


Kirstin Marie said…
I LOVE that spinning photo of you. That skirt is lovely! How sad about your newish shoes :(
Style Journey said…
Such a fun skirt! I love skirts that make me want to twirl and dance. But I really love your belt!

And how fun to learn how to belly dance :)
Cara said…
The way that skirt spins is fabulous! There are so many small independent restaurants I want to try before we move, but I'm quickly running out of time! Eeek!
geetabix said…
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I think I'm running on far too little sleep because the image of the rubber band-ed shoe made me laugh for five minutes!
La Fille D'or said…
wow belly dancing at work. I wish I had that : )
Mrs. J said…
Ok, can I come and work with ya'll?! Belly dancing at work sounds like my type of job. I like your maxi skirt and I'm sorry about your sandals.

ps. Indian and Mexican food has to be my favorite.
laura said…
nice McGyver skills! I would've trashed mine and begged my husband to find me a pair. spoiled much?

LOVE that you get to dance in your workplace!!! how awesometastic is that?

And your outfit totally rocks! Skirts that twirl? Yes, please!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Vanessa said…
I love your pouch/belt and top so much! Flowy skirts are the best, too!

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