It's still my city

As I'm writing this I can hear every word that my neighbours across the back alley are saying. Granted, I don't speak the same language they do, so I can't really understand it but I can definitely hear it. It's 12:20am. This happens every night. Every. Single. Night. Sometimes they are out smoking. Sometimes they are talking on the telephone. Sometimes their singing sets off car alarms.

july 24 2011

These are very weekend pictures. That means that I'm at the cottage with no makeup and unbrushed hair. Well, if I'm going to be honest about the hair, the truth is that I washed it this morning. Um, in a bucket... On the deck. Taking a full on shower with very iron-y well water was too arduous and the hot tub was beckoning. We're all about full disclosure here at Chateau Keep Warm. Lucky you.

cardigan: Ricki's 
scarf: gift
dress: Suzy Shier
belt: H&M
shoes: crocs
BBQ device & slightly strained smile: potentially burning chicken

Today I'm thankful for this valley that I grew up in. It's impossible to be stressed when watching the trees  and the waves on the lake swaying to the same perfect rhythm. 


Kirstin Marie said…
You look so pretty in this dress!! I think your hair looks cute. I've had to wash my hair in a lake before, so I know the feeling. :)
Style Journey said…
You look gorgeous in this dress! I love the deep purple. And yah for head scarves!
Tia said…
Loving this long purple dress.

Also, my deepest sympathies on the neighbors front. I swear our neighbors above us are always scraping their furniture across the floor all through the night and it drives me nutty.
Allison said…
You look great! Clearly the bucket washing agrees with you :)
Chelsea said…
I'm loving your bucket washed hair wrapped in that glorious scarf! and the maxi dress in my favorite color on earth with the delightful bow belt? OMG. you look gorgeous! as does your location... so green and pretty!
Melissa said…
That purple is a gorgeous, gorgeous color on you. I love the scarf in your hair and the black belt and cardigan. You look beautiful.
Terri said…
You're dressing pretty fancy for cooking chicken. I'm trying to imagine washing my hair in a bucket!
laura said…
This outfit is pretty fantastic! You look like a super chic domestic with that spatula! :) hahahaha.

And maybe your neighbors are operating in a different time zone, that's why they're up doing stuff at that hour... :)
♥ laura
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