This is similar to something I wore before for the Paper Doll Project. I wasn't actually able to wear it work that day as I knew I'd be crawling around filing things.
july 6 2011

Here's the verdict. Looked nice. Mighty hot.

cardigan & skirt: Ricki's
tank: Joe Fresh
necklace: art fair
shoes: Anne Michelle from Strawberry in NYC
belt: H&M

Today I am thankful for the ability to shout. I really love it! Just try shouting "TODAY IS THE BEST DAY EVERRRRRR!" C'mon, that was awesome...


laura said…
You look smoking! That skirt is seriously amazing on you!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
Allison said…
Wow that skirt is awesome! Happy Friday!
Kirstin Marie said…
You look gorgeous! I love that skirt!
Anonymous said…
You look fabulous! Love the red leather skirt!!
Melissa said…
Mighty hot, indeed! You are definitely rocking that outfit, lady!

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Chelsea said…
girl, you inspire me in that skirt. it is magical on you! i actually picked up a similarly shaped one at a swap (though it's beige and suede) and thought of you. still haven't figured out how to style it, but this gives me ideas! you=gorgeous.

also, I love shouting while clapping when I'm really happy. okay make that squealing while clapping. yay (clap clap clap!)!
geetabix said…
Such an awesome outfit. Shout it out!
La Fille D'or said…
cuute! though yes probably hot for summer : )
Orangies Attic said…
I think I could use a good shout today... :) Found you through A Working Mom's Closet, love your blog and newly following. Come see me sometime! Orangies Attic

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