What to say about today? Nothing really. I fell asleep promptly after work, waking only in time to go to a free movie in the park.
july 27 2011

They played Back to the Future on an inflatable screen and aside from the dodgy downtown drunks, it was really lovely. And my lovely friend who moved away had her film shown beforehand!!

cardigan & belt: Ricki's
dress as a shirt: H&M
skirt: Smart Set
shoes: Nine West, sparklated by me
earrings: art fair

Today I am grateful for my bed. It's comfy and huge and sleeeeeeeeepppppyyyy.


Style Journey said…
I love when people do the dress as a shirt thing! It makes something look so new and fresh. You look lovely in the outfit!

And I am thankful for my bed too! I just wish I could spend more time in it :)

Chelsea said…
OMG the top of the dress as a top??? you keep feeding me this ingenious ideas, I'm gonna have to change my blog name to give you credit ;)
Melissa said…
That sounds like TONS of fun!

I really adore that skirt on you. It's the perfect shape and has fun details!
LyddieGal said…
I would totally go to watch back to the future on a big screen in a park. aside from the fact that it one of the best movies ever, watching things outdoors is fun.
geetabix said…
Back to the Future would be great outdoors. Partly b/c I've seen it 400 times so if someone walked in front of me for part of it I wouldn't really be missing anything.
Cara said…
I missed an inflatamovie!?!?! So sad! Of course, I was probably up to my ears in boxes any way!

I just love that H & M dress, so much so that now I want it because it also works so well as a shirt!
laura said…
Lovely! I always admire people who can pull that off-- the dress as a shirt thing. For me, it's too many layers! What's your secret?
♥ laura
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