2010 Review: Summer

Review 2010 is fun! Remembering all the things that happened and looking at the pictures makes me really appreciate this year.

* Succeed in my goal of spending a silly amount of time on patios

* The Gentleman Caller and I went on a fancy schmancy top hat date! People looked at us strangely as we walked down the street but we looked amazing!

* I worked at an independent book store called the Book & Brier Patch for 10 years. All my friends worked there and all the workers became wonderful friends. It was such a great place to work because of the discount, the people, the relaxed atmosphere, making my own schedule, and getting to see what's new in the world of books. After over 30 years of being open the owners decided that it was time to retire. Every week everything was discounted a bit more. It was so sad and strange to see the shelves becoming more empty every day and decor items and cases being sold off piecemeal. It was an end of an era... so we had a party where we wore our uniform for the last time. We ripped my shirt in half to signify the end...

* We went to the Exhibition when it was in town. I like going just to watch the people!

* After years of wanting pink hair but being too shy to do it, I took the plunge (with just a little streak)!

* We went to the Regina Folk Festival and watched amazing bands and at foods from all over the world!

Fall is coming soon!


Matt said…
Hah, the top hat date sounds awesome!! (And I admire the courage to walk down the streets... I wish I had more of that...) And I LOVE your streak of pink hair!! I certainly understand having to spend years building courage!! You rock!! :)
DaniellaBella said…
You rock too Matt! Bravery Rocks!

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